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With the exception of the GLORIOUS Wedding pictures provided by Sandy F, the pictures you see here were either taken by me, scanned by me, or made by me.  That's pretty all-inclusive, isn't it?  The non-wedding pics I didn't take (either of me or of others - mostly family) were taken by Mom.  There aren't any other photographers featured here.  Most of the pics of family were taken on trips back east to visit.  The older pictures of me were mostly taken by Mom on her trip here in June of 1999, waaaaay before the wedding or during my really old NJ trip back in 1998.  Please enjoy :-)

If you want to see me with a bigger smile than you could ever possible have seen in your life, click straight over to the Wedding link above.  If you want to see a little about our life at home, click the At home link above.

The photo galleries in the newer sections (Wedding and At home) are new FrontPage XP web bots and they really simplify the process of creating photo gallery web pages.  I have used several different styles of photo gallery in the newer sections just to try them out and to overcome bugs in the beta version I am currently using.  Feel free to let me know which you prefer!

I made my own the old fashioned way with a table and thumbnails on the other pages.  Which do you think is better?