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Other pics

These are pictures I have taken in my travels.  I have lots more I can scan, and I think I will do that if they either a) show off some really neato place or 2) show off some neato photographic technique of which I am really proud.  Most of these are in the first category :-)

3sisters.jpg (48341 bytes)

This is a picture of the Three Sisters, a geological formation in Katoombah, Australia.  The valley was really pretty!  You can't imagine how breathtaking this view was!  The train ride from Sydney to Katoombah was only a couple of hours or so, and it was well worth the few dollars!
eagles1.jpg (233974 bytes) There is a spot a little more than 10 miles outside of Haines, Alaska where three rivers converge.  At that site, there are many eagles who go there to feed on the salmon.  Because of that, there is an eagle sanctuary.  This is a pic of a couple of eagles sitting in a tree by the side of the road.  They're much bigger than they look here!!
fountain.jpg (20580 bytes) This is the fountain at the northern end of Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia.  The trees make a long canopy (almost a tunnel) and the fountain is down in an opening at the end.  If you have seen it, this is a cool picture.
lunchnile.jpg (40944 bytes) This is a picture of a Nile cruise boat in Cairo, Egypt.  They served a mean gourmet Egyptian city lunch on that boat!  Can you see the little guys in the tuxes checking reservations as guests walk up?  It was top shelf!  The service inside the boat was excellent, the food was my favorite traditional Arabic yummy cuisine with mahshi, kabaab, scallob pannee, and other faves.

maui sunset.jpg (17359 bytes)

Here is a sunset from the island of Maui.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isn't it relaxing just to look at it?

mauivine.jpg (12880 bytes)

Here is an artsy picture I took on Maui.  I love the palm frond hanging down in the background.

montaza.jpg (22355 bytes)

Here's King Farouk's old summer resort in Alexandria.  It's called "El Montaza" and it's a popular Mediterranean vacation spot.

opera2.jpg (39188 bytes)

This is the famous Sydney Opera House on a cloudy day in Sydney, Australia.  It's odd, though...  I remember that being a really cloudy day.  I guess I just got lucky with that picture's timing?  Notice the fisheye effect from zooming out with my 28 to 200 Tamron zoom?  Hmmmm.  Is 28 mm enough to fisheye?  Did I even take this picture?  Heehee!

Sedona from Jerome.jpg (25419 bytes)

This what the area of the southern edge of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona (the town of Sedona) looks like from across the valley at sunset.

spider.jpg (29885 bytes)

This is a spider I saw at the Botanical Garden in Sydney, Australia.  I love the web!  Do you see how big that spider is?  Oh man.

stpete.jpg (188665 bytes)

This is Petersburg, Alaska from the deck of the Alaska Highway Ferry.  Note the snow.  You can't tell from the surroundings, but I was DELIGHTED to be on that ferry!  Too bad I don't have any pictures from the flight from Haines to Juneau (it was a 2-seater, and the deck was at about 200 feet, so we flew low and fast!).

sunrise1.jpg (20817 bytes)

This is the view to the west of a sunrise from the top of the Marriott in Sydney, Australia.  The building in the picture is where the U.S. Consulate happens to be (ask me why I know that :-)).

sunrise2.jpg (17189 bytes)

This is the same sunrise in Sydney, Australia, but this is the view to the east.  The intensity was overwhelming.  I can't tell you what it was like to see that in three dimensions.  You would have to have experienced it for yourself.

sunrise3.jpg (19293 bytes)

This is another picture from the top of the Marriott in Sydney, Australia during that sunrise.  This is a zoom into the area of the sky that had the most intense colors brewing.

sunsetmaui.jpg (22647 bytes)

Here's another one of those tropical sunsets on Maui.  I think this was the same night I took the picture with the vine.

sunsetsydney1.jpg (14989 bytes)

Here's a sunset view from the top of the Marriott in Sydney, Australia.  This is the view to the west.  I love the crane!  It made for an interesting picture.  Sydney is a dynamic city, and when I was there, everything was undergoing renovation in preparation for the Olympics.

sunsetsydney2.jpg (21569 bytes)

This is a zoom into the brightest part of the area between those buildings on the west side of Sydney, Australia at sunset.  I don't know what it was that made the clouds do such amazing things with colors while I was there.  Maybe it was luck?  Maybe it was just the way it always is?
tree.jpg (25640 bytes) This is a butt cheek tree in the Botanical Garden in Sydney, Australia.  Man, oh man, that was some vacation.  These naked butt cheek trees were all over the place.  It was good for lots of laughs!
wp maui sunset.jpg (91929 bytes) This is another picture of that same Maui sunset.  I like the picture, but I hate how small it makes it feel.  This was literally all around me.  It was astounding!  To try to make up for it, I offer the same picture here, but this time it is much larger and will take up more of your screen.