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Welcome to my web site

I'm sorry about the stupid popup ads.  My ungracious hosts allow me to choose the type of ads that will be displayed, and when I chose the "embedded" ads, which should only have appeared above the page title up there, they still popped up two windows.  So much for eliminating the popups.  I am looking for a real web hosting company.  I hope you stay anyway, and that you enjoy the site in spite of the malicious third popup that appears as you try to close the second popup.  Can you tell I am angry?

Block POPUPS Easily

I just discovered something I consider quite amazing...  The MSN search toolbar, brought to you by those nice people who make it possible for you to search your entire computer including your email and all of your attachments as well as the web, and it includes a popup blocker.  It works.  It just works.  It's the first software of its kind that I have enjoyed using, and it's free.  Free?  FREE!!  Just get the toolbar and let it do its thing.  You can have it not block certain useful popups, even.  It just works.  I love it!

My very own BLOG

I have been hearing about these bloggy things for a while now, and tonight I finally decided to start one here.  I am still not sure what I will say there...

My real BLOG

Not realizing that a blog is just a page where people go to read what you have to say, I have now come to the realization that I have had THIS page as a blog for a long time. Also, I got an MSN space when they became available. Now THAT's a blog!


LordMoney.jpg (16248 bytes)Anyway... My name is Ahmad Abdel-wahed.  I'm quite pleased to "meet" you. I am a computer user, and I do this stuff for a living.  I am trying to structure something interesting and informative that you would want to come back and see again after you've seen it this time.  Come back often, as there are likely to be new links here all the time.  The information about me is going to be very static, but if you know me, you will know that I am anything but static.  I think you will learn the most about me through the links I show you, so please look through the list, and follow a few of them.  There's not quite something for everybody, but there is some interesting stuff.  

Enough about that.  As you can tell from my money here, I like to laugh at myself a great deal.  Honestly - do you believe I put "In Ahm We Trust" on there?  Can you make that out on the billion dollar bill to the left of my picture?  If I ever were to appear on a financial note used as legal tender in the United States, I doubt it would be a billion dollar bill!  Don't you?  I mean it's possible that the boss would, but certainly not me.

Oh, and about that picture.  I love that French blue shirt.  Note the artificially stuffy look on my face.  That was actually a time of personal trouble, and I was doing my best to smile!  Sheesh.  I'm sure glad I got out of that mood!  Then again, I would imagine it's understandable given the level of pathology I was dealing with at the time.  The thing that amazes me is that when I look at it, I can remember how I felt, but I don't think any of that shows in the picture.  Good.  If it showed in the picture, that would be ONE UGLY picture.

Okay, so by now you have figured out that I am not about to tell you very much about myself.  The truth is that there is not all that much to tell.  I live.  I love.  I learn.  I eat and eat.  I sleep (weeeeeeeell, maybe not as regularly as I should, but I sure can't blame the bed for that).  Luckily I can listen to one or another or another or another or another of my favorite musicians while I do that (you wouldn't be surprised if they were all guitarists, would you?  Maybe I should listen to music I hate so that I fall asleep).  I enjoyed my cats when I lived with them.  I (very rarely now) play my guitar (mine is blue and has a hard tail) or my other guitar (mine is a yellow sunburst).  I used to have an acoustic steel-stringed guitar that I no longer have.  I have an old beat up nylon string (I can't call it a classical) guitar that JP found in the trash and gave to me since he was a lefty, about 15 years ago now, and it's had its neck broken twice, been screwed (by Ramsey, and no it's not what it sounds like--he fixed the broken headstock with two screws), glued, dropped, rocked, camped (look in places to see where), and it still has its original strings.  It doesn't play too well anymore, but it's my favorite.  I know that if I took the strings off, it would fall apart, and then what would I do?  I guess I would have to go out and get a real guitar, then.

I write.  I use computers, I write some software, I use more software than I write, but hey, them's the breaks.  I spend most of life reading and replying to e-mail, actually.  I have too many e-mail accounts to list here, but I try to get to all of them on a regular basis.

Do you want to find out what the boss thinks about what's happening to the company lately?

Well, winter is here (ok, that's true about a quarter of the time, and it might just be one of those quarters now, and if not, then just pretend with me).  In order to celebrate winter and all the fun I never had playing outside, here is a tribute to snowmen and all the fun you can have with them as an expressive medium.  I wanna be like these guys if I ever grow up!

As you browse this site, you will notice that almost all of my content is in the "Links" section.  The other sections have some words, but the "Links" section is where most of the meat of the site lives (and therefore, it is the section most in need of updating).  If you are here just to look at pictures I've taken, the most interesting ones are here on my other pics page.

While you are here, will you please sign my guestbook?  I would really appreciate hearing anything you have to say about my site.  Thanks!

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If you came here from my GeoCities page, you probably did so on an involuntary basis.  I have that page set up to send you here now.  Sorry if the transition was confusing or jumpy.  Once the hits on the old page have translated into enough hits here, I will be shutting down the old page for good, and moving out of GeoCities/Yahoo for good.  Thanks for your patience.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to submit this page to the search engines, and remove that other page for good.  Actually, what I will probably do when I outgrow the space on this server is move just the pictures to that other location.  Why not use the bandwidth and free storage as they were intended?  There's nothing wrong with having a truly distributed computing strategy, is there?  As long as it doesn't lead to CORBA and DCE, I am all for it.  As they say, the network IS the computer.  Right.  And actually, you can well imagine Yahoo doesn't want me remote loading all my pictures from there, so the Yahoo site is gone.  If you came here from there, you are not only a web surfer, but a time surfer, too!!

OK, now I have to do something facetious:

I had one.  Really!  I don't know when, where, how, or why it is gone. Actually that's not quite true. The homepages product got pulled into the groups product, which is clear to see just from where this link goes, yes?

I used to use showstat to gather stats about my page's visitors, but they went belly-up, so now I use these folks.  Beside the fact that their webmasters don't know anything about English, their software seems ok for its purpose.  If you are interested in stats about my site, just click the image below.

This page was last updated on 10/16/2005