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PIC00005.JPG (55899 bytes)

There they are, my sweet lil angels, my niece and nephew.  In front, she's Sammy, and she always has that impish lil look on her face.  Behind her, that's Teej, who here is playing with my old Rubik's cube.

pic00004.jpg (59877 bytes)

That's my buddy, Teej.  He's seven years old, and is such a little man.  He loves computers, and is into all of the things I used to enjoy when I was a kid.  He has lil airports all over his playroom!  So cool!

pic00006.jpg (61906 bytes)

Sammy can look so intense when she wants to do something!  I remember this day.  God help the person who tries to get in the way of her train!  Holy moly can that lil baby focus :-)

ahmad2.jpg (18741 bytes)

This is me standing near the TV in my bedroom.

ahmad.jpg (26869 bytes)

This is another one of me standing near the TV in my bedroom.

Ahmad (old).jpg (13221 bytes)

This is one of me in the NY office where I used to work.  Notice that I have a bag of peanut M&M's in my hand?  That was dinner!  Oh, the old days when that and Cherry Coke were regular meals!  And oh man, that shirt!  I want it back, but I think it is gone into the depths of hell  :-(  I gave that shirt away, and all I have gotten in exchange for that is bad memories.  Oh well.

ahmad3.jpg (13462 bytes)

This is me blowing you a kiss :-)

Ahmad_as_baby.jpg (50655 bytes)

This is me when I was a baby!  That is the pic from my green card (when they were actually green).  OK this picture was not taken by mom (smart alecks).  It was actually taken by a professional photographer in a studio in Cairo, Egypt (and it WASN'T green and covered with wavy lines until it spent a couple of decades laminated in green plastic on my green card).  I gave away the one grayscale original that I had without the wavy lines and still uncropped.  Oh well.  What I got in exchange for it wasn't anything that great.  Sometimes that's just the way life is.  (I'm bitter about it)

AliColleenAhmad.jpg (28107 bytes)

That's me and my dear friends Colleen (on the left, in the blue jeans) and Ali.  Man, what a retarded look that is, on my face.  I swear I don't look that stupid in real life.  It's just that we took that picture using the self-timer on Colleen's camera, and we all had rather odd looks on our faces!