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Weird Stuff

The world's most accomplished rock band can be found here (they used to be here, but this link sometimes dies out these days).  There is nothing more to be said.

Lately, I have been listening to lots of Living Colour again, but have not been able to find any really cool web sites about them other than these.  If you have one or know where there is one, please let me know!  I was going to list Vernon Reid separately since it always seemed to me he was the driving force behind that band, but his solo work is just *not the same* as what he created with Corey and the boys.

Phish rocks!  Check them out here, and get release dates, tour schedules, info about the band - name it!  Thanks Kristen for the link!!!!!!!

Phil Lesh and Friends were amazing in concert, but there is no way to buy their music!  I think they are touring now as The Dead.

As a musician, I am not sure how I ever survived without Cakewalk.  If you are a musician, try it too, and you will be hooked!  There is a free demo version you can try before you buy.  Thanks to Dave O. at MMA for giving me this pointer.   Hey Dave, when are we gonna jam?  That's gonna be lots harder to do now that I am out here in the PNW, eh?  Oh well.  Maybe some other time.

Another really cool music program is MusEdit.  Try the evaluation!  It's really cool.  The way their user interface works is really amazing, and it makes transcribing music painless and pleasant.  I had tried other notation software before, but this one is really good.

If you're like me and you like listening to your favorite music on your computer, you need a tool to let you make wav files from your favorite CD's.  I use Windows Media Player 9 Series.  There is no easier way to rip CDs and manage the library.  Dynamic playlists are really cool, and that's the reason why I use it.

There once was a song called "Lost Without You" (this is 135k of it), and thanks to Lisa, I got obsessed with trying to identify its singer and writer/composer.  It sounds like so many other songs I have heard, but it wasn't that easy to determine who its creator was.  So the obsession went on and on, and the closest reliable hit was Joan Armatrading (NOT!!!).   The runner up was a song called Lost Without Your Love by Bread (also NOT!!!).  Then Jerri came up with this one day out of the clear blue sky.  The mystery is over.