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Weird Stuff


mybox.jpg (67544 bytes)Click this to see a sample of what you can do with Microsoft tools and to learn a little more about me. The picture at left is there along with some information about how I made it. Some of this software stuff can be fun after all!!

Think I may be online? I am sometimes here chatting in KindredSpirits on Nick's server (thanks again, Nick for being so kind as to let us live on your server - you would have thought that the powers that be would let a good thing stay good, but in the pursuit of stupidity, we fell through the cracks, but it was not for lack of trying, so thanks again, Nick).  If you do go there, bring a poem you would like to share with the room. It is a great place to go when you need a little pick-me-up. This place holds many fond memories for me and I have formed very fulfilling relationships as a result of it. I will always be a member of that community, regardless of its name, home, or constituency.

If you do not find me there on the chat server, then get ICQ and find me using email ID (best not to send me email at this account since I do not check it too often). If that fails, you can send me a message from the web on ICQ, where I am known as Lord_Heman 8-, which is a takeoff on my old hotmail ID. My hotmail ID is, in itself, a takeoff on my original chat nickname which was heyman.  How I got to be Lord_Heman (my current chat nickname) is an interesting story that is left as an exercise for the reader (don't you hate seeing that in text books?). Actually I would tell you why it happened that way but you would never believe it anyway. If you really want to know you should send me an email and maybe we can talk about it. And maybe not :-)

Since I am not really much of a sports fan, it is exceptional for me to root for teams. This year, however, football is taking me by storm again, and Niners, Raiders, Jets, and Giants logos are continuing to appear on my shirts, hats, and jackets. I check out what is happening in the league here. I was really disappointed that none of my favorite teams got too far this year, but at least now you know who I am going to be rooting for next year. That is, of course, unless I choose to root for the local team. Then again, there are those who would have me root for such teams as the Cowboys and the Vikings.  I am thinking it over.