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My newest hobby, generating fractals is a very software dependent one.  Fractint is the premiere palette-based fractal generator for PC platforms.  CHECK IT OUT!!  I used it to make the pic featured on my "Art" links page, as well as other images.  If you want to download the program, get it here.  I had to search the entire site for a LONG TIME before I found this page.  If you are interested in something that gives you less control but runs in Windows, and generates 24-bit true color images, I heartily recommend Iterations 28 and Tierazon 2.6.  I think my images are cool but the author of these two programs has some amazing stuff up there.  There's also UltraFractal, which has the best UI on a fractal program I have seen to date.  I just hate the fact that it gets blotchy when you zoom deeper than 9*10E18 times.  The Fractint arbitrary deep zooming is amazing in that respect, but it's still a DOS program and the color palette gets messed up when you change windows from the DOS window back to the desktop.

Instant messaging has become the killer net application.  I use MSN Messenger to talk to hotmail users AND AOL users.  If you can't already tell, I enjoy Mirabilis' ICQ because it has features that MSN Messenger does not have.

Take a look at some neat software by looking here (gratuitous plug required).

Need some Windows 95 software?  Go here for all the shareware and freeware you could ever want or need.

Are you interested in Windows 95 Themes?  I am!  Go here for a set of sites with some good (and some bad) themes.

Looking for drivers for your computer?  Here, you will find everything imaginable as far as software support for different devices goes!  Sometimes, that site is down, so try the UK mirror, instead.

If for some reason, you can not tolerate ICQ, I also use iChat Pager to stay in touch with friends.  From what I can tell, ICQ is far superior.

Want to find out what company's internet server is powering your favorite website?  Go here and type the URL about which you are curious.  The results may surprise you!