A stone wall appears

The pictures in this set show the dragon mural we painted in our master bath. This picture shows what it looked like after we had roughed in the arch stone window with its hill, sky and clouds, and the stone walls around the window.

Stone wall detail

As we outlined the arch window, there was a three dimensional effect we wanted to create, that you can already see here.

Coloring the stone window

Coloring the stone window

3D stone window

3D stone window

Stone fronts complete

At this point, it's time to make the depth of the window more clear so it looks like there is actually a hole to the sky, clouds and the hillside.

Standing back

3D stones appear

Window almost done

With the top of the lower stones still not painted, the 3D effect is fairly pronounced. We are happy!

Completed window

This was some of the work I will never forget. At one point it looked like we had lost the depth in the window. We managed to keep a good bit of it.

Stand back again

We thought it really looked like a stone wall with a window, especially when seen with the tub and our various tools all spread out around the project area.

Start the dragon

At this point, one of the many overlays used for the dragon goes up. From now on, we refer to it as the evil bunny.

Dragon from bedroom

As the dragon is starting to take shape, we looked at it from the bed. This is going to be great when it's done!

Evil bunny

More evil bunny

Dragon outline

At this point we really weren't too sure what we would end up with, but this was just after the first 2 or 3 of many overlays that would add more and more details.

Ghost dragon with horns

Ghost dragon with horns again

The marking tape spots are the places where we aligned each different overlay so the openings in the stencil actually give us one crisp dragon instead of several very fuzzy ones.

More like a dragon

At this point we're well on the way to achieving a state of dragon-ness. Dragonocity. Dragonicity. Dragonity. Something like that.

Dragon horns, ears, and neck

Still just more detail to add.

Eyes and everything!

It's looking more like a dragon and less like an evil bunny, don't you think?

It's almost SinZin time!

Not bad - just needs a couple of touchups.

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