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Blow off this old poem here, and scroll down to the bottom and read the new one I have been working on since I got married.  This one's pretty sad.  Compare the two and tell me what you think!

Heartbreak Accelerated

While the pain that you've given won't easily heal,
The rain just keeps falling - this living is real.

I sit and I wonder, but never know why;
You say that you love me, and just make me cry.

Your illness is silent, and I wish I'd known
That what to believe was not what had been shown.

When you are forgotten, and I have moved on,
The scars will remain, but the blood will be gone.

You've sucked so much from me, that I'd wished to give;
You took more than you should have - I still need to live.

So, gracelessly, loudly, it's all I can do;
To rage on and on that my dreams left with you.

I know they'll grow back, and they'll always be mine,
But, why did you want them? You've broken their shine.

For now, I must hate you, so I can break free
To live what I know still waits out there for me.

Soon, though, I know that my final adieu
Will help me remember no way to raise you.

I won't see your face on each girl that walks by,
I don't want to ever think of you and sigh.

Because you had choices to make of your own,
and you didn't pick those that let our love grow.

You chose to be hateful, and sneaky, and mean,
And before too long, our love lost all its sheen.

Your evil behaviors left truly no doubt
That the way to survive was to scratch my way out.

Your cruelty destroyed the good feelings I had,
and now you have made me wish nothing but bad.

Revenge is no option, I know this is true.
Your karma will find you, and you will meet you.

The way you dissected my heart for your gain,
Will be done to you, but with far greater pain.

I won't be near you to hold you and sigh
As you feel your actions, and for me, you'll cry.

I'll be secure in the knowledge that this
has made me much stronger, as with each new kiss,

I'll live out my life with no thoughts of your hate.
It's time to move on, and call for my real mate.


Heartbreak Eradicated

This page is the last thing I'll send off your way
I'm happy to tell you what I used to say

About my mate calling has been oh so true!
I'm mated and sated and filled up and full

Of love for my sweetie pie I can't say enough,
But here it is anyway, cuz I love this stuff!

She's honest, she's gentle, she loves me so true,
Her faith and her guidance are something so new.

She's healed up the heartbreak, and made it no more
I can't say I noticed it walk out the door,

But I'm here to say that I've been so surprised
To find that this poem was only half-eyed.

At the time that I wrote it, my heart was a mess,
But what it would prove, yes, I must confess,

That my goal was to pour out my feelings of woe
So I could move on and get back to life's flow.

So, Nancy, my sweet love, if you should be here
Come kiss me and hold me, this page holds no fear.

For what's done is over, what's over is done.
Why let this history break into our fun?

With you, my sweet angel, I soar, and we fly!!
Our wings up and up through the beautiful sky,

Take me, oh but wait now, those wings aren't as such.
Oh baby, it's just me saying I love you so much!!!

So let's fly together our hearts joined as one,
Our love heals some others, makes some others run.

The running I do is straight back home to you,
So go do that voodoo that only you dooooooooo!!

In my dreams, there was no such thing as this you
I never thought I could find you, and it's true!

You found me and when I was looking somewhere,
I told you it's ok to reach up to my hair.

Just touch it, it's soft, I said with my wide grin.
And girl, oh woman, my lover, my wife...

If only we knew what that touch would begin!
SO yes, it's true, yes we all have in our past

Some hurts here and there we were sure they would last.
But hurt's not anywhere near me, I can see.

The past's just something there to help me say memory,
To learn from, to grow from and move away more from.

To you I come, teach me, grow with me, no fear.
Everything's different now it's just us in here.